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Civic association huba o.z. is a non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical organization. Its main goal is to support young entrepreneurs through education, but we also focus on architecture, landscape and urban planing, environment, social development through “activation” and education of citizens and creation of networks of like-minded organizations.

We are a small community of independently working people from Košice. Using shared premises, we are allowed to share ideas, opinions and values to utilize focused environment and each other’s experience to our benefit. Our Coworking is an ideal alternative to working from home or a café. It is a connection between collaborative work and a flexible office environment shared with other creative coworkers.

The coworking helps organize different extended projects. We run two different educative initiatives.

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huba o.z.
non profit organization

HUBa Coworking
Tabačka Kulturfabrik
Gorkého 2, 04001 Košice


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Račí potok 27, Košice 04001

IČO: 42408539
DIČ: 2120078147

IBAN: SK58 8330 0000 0021 0173 4715